Client communications creates and manages traditional Direct Mail campaigns for law firms. Sometimes viewed as something of a last resort, Direct Mail campaigns give your firm the opportunity to reach clients where you do not have a current email address. The aim of traditional mail marketing is to encourage new and existing clients alike to engage with your firm, take advantage of its services and do business with you.

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How we can help you run a Direct Mail Campaign

There are two different target audiences for your campaign – existing clients and people who are not clients – and each needs to be treated differently! Existing clients have engaged your services before and are more likely to engage you again. People who are not your clients may never have heard of you and might not know anything about you!

Running a Direct Mail Campaign to existing clients

The quality of the data you intend to use is key to the success of this type of campaign . The most basic data you need are the names and addresses of your target audience. Most law firms have this data in an accounting or practice management system. The first stage in any campaign is, therefore, to check the currency of the data. There is no point in sending out your promotion to someone who no longer resides at the address you have. Letters or other returned marketing material also waste money and effort!

We will arrange to check your name and address data and report the results to you. This means that your Direct Mail campaign will only go to those clients who reside at the address you have.

Running a Direct Mail Campaign to people who are not clients

The quality of data is key when sending a Direct Mail campaign to people who are not clients. You need to decide what kind of audience you want to target. Before setting the demographic, you need to decide on the type of campaign you intend to run. We will discuss your needs and help you specify your target demographic. Once specified we will help you to source accurate and appropriate data.

Designing your Direct Mail Campaign

We will discuss your needs and help with the creative process. We are happy to work with other agencies and organisations in the design and content of the materials. Deciding  how the materials will be produced and delivered is very important. You need to make sure you include options to allow the recipients to get in touch.  We will step you through each stage of the process right up to the launch.

Managing the response to your Direct Mailing Campaign

You need to make sure you have a resilient response mechanism in place to manage the response to your campaign. The recipients of your campaign will expect to receive the standard of service you claim you will deliver in the marketing materials you sent to them. You need to make sure you meet that expectation when the recipients of your campaign contact you.

We are happy to manage as much or as little of this entire process as you need us to to ensure the success of the campaign.

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