e- Promotions for law firms

Promoting your firm using our e- Promotions service is an excellent way to get specific information over to clients. e- Promotions cover a wide range of options from simple straight forward price-based or time-limited special offers through to special announcements about things happening in your firm. 

You can use e- Promotions on your website, embed them in your eMail Newsletters or include them in an eMail Marketing campaign. What about explanatory guides to help clients understand the work you do?

Here are some of the things you might consider doing as a e- Promotions  for your firm:

Expert Reports

You are expert in your field but do your clients know that? You can demonstrate your expertise by producing special reports that are relevant to your area of expertise. For instance, those firms involved in estate agency work could produce a regular Property Report. We provide a Quarterly Property Report for clients based on the Registers of Scotland Quarterly Statistics. This report puts some flesh on the bare figures and also allows you to make comment about your local market. Clients are usually keen to read these kind of reports.

Special Offers

You can make special offers to clients using e- Promotions and these can be price driven and time constrained. Encourage clients to do business with you by making them an offer of a discounted fee if they contact you to have the work done within a specific time frame. Firms who specialise in estate agency work and those who offer private client services find e- Promotions particularly useful.

Charity e- Promotions

Many law firms use e- Promotions to encourage their clients to support their favourite charity. In recent years a number of charities now promote their interests by partnering with law firms . The most common form of e- Promotion is a Wills promotion where the charity will pay a fixed fee for a simple Will preparation in exchange for which the lawyer mentions the charity and asks the client to consider a donation or legacy.

Explanatory Guides

Clients generally do not understand the complexity or scope of work involved in many types of legal work. Guides of this nature are very useful tools as these help clients to understand the process. These guides cover many areas, most notably buying and selling property, why you should make a Will and how a Power of Attorney can be very useful.


It is important to inform clients of a a change of personnel in the firm, particularly in senior positions. You can also make announcements about Awards the firm has won. If you are moving office or opening a branch office, changing phone, fax of email addresses, a quick notification of these changes is very helpful to clients. If you renew or refresh your website there is no better way to draw your clients attention to it by sending them a notification – and, when they view your new site, it will also let them see the range of services you provide.

Send e- Promotions to your clients in specific eMail Marketing campaigns on publication. Include them in your Website News and incorporate them into your latest eMail Newsletter. If you use Social Media, post details on your Social Media page and link that to the news section of your website. In fact, do all of these things to ensure the success of your e- Promotions.

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