Client Communications helps law firms with all their marketing efforts. We help lawyers to:

    • keep in touch with their clients
    • promote their services to and win business from existing as  well as new clients.
  • manage their data.

Law firms need to get their message across that they have something clients not only need but want. There are many other organisations out there – not just other lawyers – who are keen to win this business!

A law firm is a businesses and this is often overlooked – yes, even by those involved! To continue to exist and prosper, law firms need to operate profitably. If they are to achieve this, law firms need to retain existing clients, win new clients and then satisfy all their essential legal needs.

Client Communications helps law firms retain their existing clients, win new ones and generate business. We do this by providing a range of marketing services designed specifically for the law firms.

eMail Newsletters for law firms

Our eMail Newsletters for law firms service gives lawyers the ability to highlight client needs, promote solutions and create fee earning opportunities. An eMail Newsletter can be very effective even if it is published only a couple of times a year. eMail Newsletters help you keep in touch with existing clients and reach potential clients. In either case, eMail Newsletters allow you to promote the range of services you provide. By using our eMail Newsletters for law firms service, you have the opportunity to announce staff news, community and charity involvement and business awards – what better way to promote your firm to clients than talk about all its achievements?

eMail Marketing for law firms

We help our clients to promote specific services to their clients using our eMail Marketing for law firms service. For instance, your firm might want to launch a Wills promotion in association with your chosen charity or invite clients to a special seminar you’re hosting. Won a business award- why not tell clients about it? There’s no better way to reach your clients than directly into their Inbox. With email marketing you can personalise your message for each clients and receive an immediate response.

Website News

Our Website News service helps keep the News page of your website current by adding regular news articles and items to it. Tell us which areas of law you would  like us to cover and we will search for suitable items and add them  to your News page. Thinking of running a promotion? We can prepare and load suitable articles in support of that campaign. You can add articles that link with your e-Newsletters to encourage clients to visit your website. Link articles to your Facebook page and other Social Media sites. Don’t let your clients discover that your haven’t visited your own News section in years!

e- Promotions

Promote your firm using our e- Promotions service. Why not set up a promotion providing a specific time-bound or discounted price service offering to clients? You could promote your expertise in the property market with a Quarterly Property Report. What  about providing subject information accessible from your website? Client Communications can embed promotions in eNewsletters, provide them as stand-alone items or send them in specific e-mail marketing campaigns.

Direct Mail

Client communications manages traditional direct mail campaigns for law firms. These types of campaign give your firm the opportunity to reach clients where you do not have a current email address. It also allows you to ask existing clients to help update their details. You can also encourage them to sign up to your eMail Newsletter. We help you design campaigns to promote your services and encourage clients do business with you. Writing to potential clients gives you an opportunity to present the firm and its services to a new audience. The aim of direct mail marketing is to encourage new and existing clients alike to engage with the firm and its services.

Data Management

Managing data is something law firms do not do well or properly understand. Data quality tends to be low and needs a lot of effort to clean it up. You can have name and address data checks carried out pretty quickly and economically. This exercise will give you a clear indication whether clients still reside at the address you have. More extensive data cleaning and client profiling services can be carried out depending on the nature of your needs. Starting with the basics, we help you get your data management practices in place. We can then move on to more specialist analysis to enable segmentation and profiling.

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