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Client Communications supports lawyers and law firms with their marketing and communications needs. Law firm marketing and marketing by lawyers are everyday challenges for the legal profession.  Lawyers are good at being lawyers – leave the marketing and promotion to us!

Who we are


We’re committed to your success. We’ll discuss, advise and agree every element of your marketing campaigns …


We’re determined to help you succeed in all areas of your business. Where we are able to provide support, we will.


In our experience, our clients are excellent at what they do. We believe in delivering excellent services to support our clients’…


Let’s start with the end in mind. We’ll discover what you want to achieve and then create and execute the plan

Cost Conscious

We understand you need to weigh up the advantages against the costs. We’ll work with you on this.

At your service

We’re here to support you every step of the way. We’ll look after your needs from beginning to end. 

Effective Support

We aim to support all your marketing efforts – from development through to execution. We help shape your marketing strategy and select your marketing channels. Once agreed, we’ll help develop out your campaigns and manage the execution.

We work with you right to the end of each campaign and beyond and help interpret the results. With this knowledge, we can build success into your future campaigns


Why Choose Client Communications?

Being at the sharp end

Brian O’Neill, our Managing Director, spent over 20 years as a solicitor in private practice in Scotland. During that time, he not only carried out legal work but was also involved in the management of the practice.

Every day Brian dealt with client facing work and saw communication methods develop from the humble letter and phone call through to fax and then email. These methods opened up a faster, more intimate means of communication leading to the inevitable increase in client expectations. In today’s law firms, it’s not unusual to hear of lawyers communicating with clients through social media and video conferencing.

Stepping back from  the front line

In late 1999, Brian was approached by a legal technology company. They invited him to join them to challenge their legal practice management software. This software was designed to help lawyers improve their productivity, manage their finances and increase profitability. Although he took a step back from the front line of legal practice, Brian has never been far away from the management end of law firms.

Over the years, the focus on technology has become more intense as the capability of systems grew. This now means that not only can you work in an “any time,  any place” scenario, you can also reach clients and potential clients in many different ways.

We understand your environment

We know what it’s like being in the front line in a legal practice. Most lawyers go above and beyond to look after their clients’ interests, sometimes to the detriment of their business needs. We understand that your time is precious and, because of that, aim  to take as much of the pressure off your shoulders as necessary.

We will work with you to develop out your ideas. Thes can be from simple email marketing campaigns through to a fully fleshed out marketing strategy. When you’re busy, we can deal with the minutiae. We’ll execute campains on your behalf and in accordance with your instructions without you having to be fully involved.

We understand your client needs

Your clients need different legal services depending on their requirements at a particular time. They don’t always appreciate that the services you provide are usually more extensive than the matter they originally consulted you about.

Clients are usually unaware of the range of services you provide. Keeping in touch with them on a regular basis ensures they fully understand how your firm can help them with all their legal problems. When you cover different topics in your communications with them, they are alerted to issues that might affect their personal or work lives, family or businesses.

From design to execution

We’ll listen to your aims and objectives and provide feedback to ensure we fully understand your requirements. Once we understand your needs, we’ll develop the services to match your aspirations. We’ll present you with options and seek feedback from  you. Once we agree on the way forward we’ll work through the design elements.

We’ll work and  collaborate with any third party graphic designer you may already have. We’ll agree and commission certain design elements on your behalf, should that prove necessary. Once the design is complete, we’ll agree it with you and have it signed off.

A well designed campaign can fail if the execution is inept. We aim to ensure that your properly designed campaign is fully executed and implemented.

Full and complete support

We believe it’s important to look after all of our clients marketing interests. Where we don’t provide these, we’re happy to feed into other services and work co-operatively with other service providers. Our aim is to ensure your success in whatever you seek to achieve.

Beginning from our very first meeting, we will focus on the outcome you wish to achieve. We’ll work with you to achieve that outcome. Going forward, we’ll set out the options available to you to help you achieve your objectives.

Right from  the very start, we’ll be with you every step of the way. We’ll implement and support your efforts to help you achieve your desired outcome.

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What clients say about Client Communications

Antonio Deban Valles

Project Manager, Scullion LAW

I have now had the time to go properly through the spreadsheet and I must say it is brilliant, it is an excellent job. I have been able to classify all the clients into our different categories in a very easy and straight forward way. Thanks so much for it, it is a great help for our future marketing.

Gordon Miller

Law Accountant, Stewart & Bennett

Just to say another client has been prompted by latest eNewsletter to call, this morning,  and update wills.

He also said he really likes the language used and it is very, reader friendly. Great feedback.

David Borrowman

Senior Partner, Caesar & Howie, Solicitors

On GDPR Templates: We think you have a really good product here. Much better and more practical than all the other stuff we’ve read

Douglas Mill

Consultant and former Chief Executive of the Law Society of Scotland

GDPR is a critical concern for High Street solicitors. Brian O’Neill of Client Communications  is uniquely placed to appreciate and understand their needs. His background, technical skills and natural empathy with the profession make him the ideal choice to provide the training, the materials and support they will require. I cannot recommend him highly enough

Gregor Angus

Senior Business Development Manager, The Cashroom

On GDPR Templates: I think these are great – covers everything required, in detail, but in a format that is easy for lawyers/practice managers to understand

John McKenzie

Chief Executive, The Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow

On GDPR: The guide was excellent – clearly written and short enough to not be intimidating. The workbook and sample booklet were also extremely helpful. The data audit was very comprehensive. Overall the advice in the guide and templates has been invaluable.

Robyn McGee

Practice Manager, Paris Steele

Client Communications provide articles for the Paris Steele blog. On publication of a recent blog on Separation Agreements, Robyn said “This blog is wonderful, I really like the call to action about updating the Wills at the same time.”