About Us

We provide marketing services for lawyers and law firms. We focus on helping law firms keep in touch with their existing clients. Unfortunately, most law firms just don’t do this. Most lawyers prefer instead to chase new business. Whether law firms do this on purpose or simply forget is a moot point. The important thing is to take a balanced approach to marketing. We provide marketing services for lawyers and law firms. Keeping in touch with clients is key to ensuring loyalty and repeat business. About Marketing Services for lawyers and firms from Client Communications

We believe you should tell your existing clients about the range of your services. Make clients aware of the specialities and capabilities of your people. If you do this, you are unlikely to hear those crushing words I didn’t know you did that….” when a client tells you that they’ve gone somewhere else for a service you provide. You also need to remember,  as has been shown over and over again, it’s much cheaper to win a new piece of business from an existing client! Our marketing services for lawyers and law firms will help you do just that.

Client Communications is a member of the Direct Marketing Association and firmly believes that all marketers should aspire to the ethos and code of conduct membership of the DMA brings with it.

Brian O’Neill, Director

Brian O’Neill, Director, practised as a solicitor in private practice for more than 20 years. After giving up private practice, Brian worked with a legal IT Company, becoming its Chief Executive. He also picked up an MBA from the University of Strathclyde, Graduate School of Business along the way. Since 2005, Brian has been providing a wide range of consultancy services to law firms and is the founding director of Client Communications. Brian is acutely aware that law firms have never been very good at promoting their services to their existing clients far less trying to promote them to prospective clients. Many small and medium sized law firms find themselves in precisely this position!

We aim to help law firms develop their marketing strategy and secure their relationship with clients, new and old. We do this through the mediums of email Newsletters, eMail Marketing, Website News, e- Promotions, Video and Direct Mail.

There has never been a better time for law firms to promote their services!

To learn more, call Brian on 07855 838395 or click here to email us.