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Our Vision & Mission

Client Communications aims to help law firms communicate with their clients between transactions, build loyalty, explain the  range  of legal services they provide, establish need and win new business.

In addition, Client Communications aims to help law firms win new business by promoting their services through digital, social and traditional marketing methods.

Brian O’Neill

Managing Director

About Client Communications

Client Communications provides a wide range of marketing services for lawyers and law firms. you can view those services by clicking here. We focus on helping law firms keep in touch with their existing clients. Unfortunately, most law firms just don’t do this. Most lawyers prefer instead to chase new business. Whether law firms do this on purpose or simply forget is a moot point. The important thing is to take a balanced approach to marketing. We provide marketing services for lawyers and law firms. Keeping in touch with clients is key to ensuring loyalty and repeat business. 

We believe you should tell your existing clients about the range of your services. Make clients aware of the specialities and capabilities of your people. If you do this, you are unlikely to hear those crushing words I didn’t know you did that….” when a client tells you that they’ve gone somewhere else for a service you provide. You also need to remember,  as has been shown over and over again, it’s much cheaper to win a new piece of business from an existing client! Our marketing services for lawyers and law firms will help you do just that.

A Member of the Data and Marketing Association

Client Communications is a member of the Data & Marketing Association and firmly believes that all marketers should aspire to the ethos and code of conduct membership of the DMA brings with it.

Why should you engage with Client Communications?

There are many digital  marketing  companies out there who do an excellent job for their clients. However, few have people who have long-term experience at ownership level in a law firm to bring  to the fore.

There is no substitute for experience and knowledge of the culture in which law firms operate. Being able to empathise with this is an important ingredient in delivering our service.

We completely understand how most law firms work and just how much of a hassle it is to stand back from client-facing work and deal with management and administration issues.

We’ll take the load off and deal with all or most of the work needed to help you develop your marketing services and achieve your objectives.

Why not have an informal, no obligation chat?

If you’d like to find out ways in which we can help  you win new business from  new and existing clients, why not get in touch. Having a chat doesn’t cost you a penny!