e- Christmas Cards for law firms

Let’s face it, the last couple of years have been challenging! But let’s look on the bright side – Christmas will be here before we know it! What better way to bring a smile to your clients’ faces than with your very own e- Christmas Card?

Wishing your clients a Merry Christmas has never been easier. You can use an video or an image. We’ve even prepared a short video to promote our e- Christmas Cards for law firms service. We hope you like it!

Check out the range of videos you can commission for your firm. If you prefer, use an image. You can either use your own or select an image from the gallery in our Image section.


Video is enormously popular. Not only can you send these to your clients, you can also post them on all your social media platforms. The following sections contain a range of videos. We have expanded our video selection this year by including Christmas Stories as well as Chrismas Greeting Videos.

You can incorporate these videos into your e- Christmas Card. Just click on the image and the video will pop out. After that, just press play. All videos have a Christmas sound theme so make sure you turn up the volume!

There are some  old favourites. Some are funny and others are cute. We believe we’ve brought together a wide range of videos from which to choose. Each video will be customised with your own logo. We can arrange to change the text in some videos, if you’d like to do that.

Christmas Stories

Christmas Greeting Videos


If you’d rather use an image and message as your e- Christmas Card just let us know. We’re happy to do this for you. Here is a small selection of images from which to choose. If you would like a bigger selection, just go to adobe.com for a  wide range of images from which to choose. When you arrive on the website, type either Christmas Card or Christmas Scene into the search box and you’ll see a huge selection. Choose the one you like and let us have a note of the number. We’ll purchase the image and incorporate it into your e- Christmas Card.

Image Selection for e- Christmas Cards for law firms

Simply hover over  the image or click to view to find the image number and description.

You’ll need to give us this when you choose the image for your e- Christmas Card

If you’d like us to help you send your e- Christmas Card to your clients?