Let’s start at the very beginning. We’ll review your plans and activities at the outset. We recommend retaining marketing activities that work. For those that don’t, we’ll recommend change, improvement or abandonment. If there are gaps in your marketing strategy, we’ll make recommendations. We aim to halp you develop a comprehensive marketing plan to win new, profitable business.

What do we mean by development?

Everything  has to start somewhere and the first thing we want to do is develop our relationship  with you. It’s important to us that we understand your business and your objectives. By doing that we can make  recommendations that are relevant and fitting.

We’ll ask you about your objectives. Once we’ve done that, we’ll look at what you’re currently doing to try to achive these. If you’re doing  all the right things, you might not need us at all!

Our experience suggests that marketing isn’t high up on the agenda for law firms. Even if it is, ensuring continuity and consistency across all elements of the firm’s brand can be difficult.

We take a holistic approach to development

We can build on your existing marketing efforts. If you haven’t done any marketing for a while, we might suggest starting  from the very beginning. To benefit most from marketing, you must promote  a consistent message across all  media channels.  That means your brand and message must be immediately recognised.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your marketing campaign must be built properly and effectively. We’ll  help you devlop client-facing promotions and teach you how to support these  with internal systems to match the marketing response.

We aim to support the development of your marketing efforts to help achieve your objectives

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