There’s little point in having excellent data and a vast amount of content only to see it destroyed because of poor security systems and practices. Is your website secure?  If not, you need  to take urgent action. How about your internal systems? Good systems and data security and practise will help build trust with your clients and win new business from them.

Secure your system, your data and your content

There’s nothing  more demoralising than to have a security breach of your systems. It’s even more  worrying if you lose some or all of your data or your content is destroyed. Cyber security is a massive challenge today.

Keeping it simple is the most important element. Where you can, use two factor authentication – especially on  access to your website. You’ll look foolish if you end up having a fake paypal or some unsavoury content added to your website because of lax security policies. 

We can help you with your security concerns

We always recommend that you engage with your IT Support providers to ensure your systems are properly configured. In addition, we recommend the installation of effective anti-malware protection.  If you use a whitelist anti-malware, you’ll extend your protection by only allowing approved applications to run on  your systems.

Making  sure you have proper procedures in place for those who access your data also improves security. Engage with encryption on mobile and removable media to protect critical data from loss.

Remember, too, you must comply with the latest data protection regulations.

Be security conscious at all times. Failure to protect your systems leads to reputational damage.

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