Experience Matters

Being at the sharp end

Brian O’Neill, our Managing Director, spent over 20 years as a solicitor in private practice in Scotland. During that time, he not only carried out legal work but was also involved in the management of the practice.

Every day Brian dealt with client facing work and watched as communication methods developed from the humble letter and phone call through to fax and then email.

Brian is well aware of the pressure those working in  law firms face. Clients expect an almost  instant response to email messages and phone calls. These methods opened up a faster, more intimate means of communication leading to the inevitable increase in client expectations. The need to respond promptly to client enquiries hasn’t changed from when Brian was in practice.

In today’s law firms, it’s not unusual to hear of lawyers communicating with clients through social media, private messaging and video conferencing.

Stepping back from  the front line

In late 1999, Brian was approached by a legal technology company. They invited him to join them to challenge their legal practice management software. This software was designed to help lawyers improve their productivity, manage their finances and increase profitability. Although he took a step back from the front line of legal practice, Brian has never been far away from the management end of law firms.

Over the years, the focus on technology has become more intense as the capability of systems grew. This now means that not only can you work in an “any time,  any place” scenario, you can also reach clients and potential clients in many different ways.

During the coronavirus lockdown between March and June 2020, technology became hugely important for lawyers who 

were unable to meet clients face to face. Video technology meant that lawyers could not only “meet” clients but, following a change in regulation, allowed the remote execution of documents.

Equally imporant, at that time, was the ability to communicate to their client base to let them know they were available and able to help. The Client Communications email marketing and eNewsletter service came into their own to ensure clients were kept informed.

Even though the lockdown passed, the need to keep in touch and communicate with clients hasn’t changed. The ability to communicate and keep in touch through email marketing and eNewsletters is an essential factor in any law firm’s marketing mix.

Experience is invaluable

We believe experience is very important when dealing with our law firm clients. We are able to emphasise with them and  understand their issues and challenges. By doing so, we are able to recommend the steps law firms must take to raise their profile, promote their services and win new business from existing and new clients

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