Secure, Encrypted and Registered email and Electronic Signatures for law firms

The bane of a solicitor’s life is sending secure communications to clients and others by email. However, the options available to do this quickly and easily are limited – until now! Not only can you send secure messages, your clients and others can also respond to you securely. So, secure, encrypted and registered email is now available for law firms, quickly, easily and without having to leave Outlook.

Traditional encrypted communications consist of an unsecure email inviting the recipient to log into a website to download the message or the documents. Many law firms find this inconvenient and time consuming. In addition, most high street law firms don’t have the time or resources to set this up. It’s especially frustrating when you have to supply clients with a username and password to access the secure message. Also, good practice means you have to send the username and password separately and, for security purposes, using something other than email. Most firms find this to be a complete hassle!

Secure, Encrypted and Registered email and Electronic Signatures in action

However, we have discovered an elegant solution to this problem. In addition, you can now securely send documents for signature, again, through Outlook.

Working with Mike Roberts and FRAMA (UK) we bring you a solution to your Secure, Encrypted and Registered email and electronic signature needs.

Have a look at these two short videos to see secure, encrypted and registered email and electronic signatures in operation.

There’s no large-scale software installation and no need to change to another email provider.

Clients and contacts will be able to read your email and any attachments. They will also be able to respond by secure email should they need to send you important personal information. If you need clients to sign documents, again, these can be sent through Outlook with no fuss or other complex methods. Importantly, the recipient can read the email and its attachments on any device using all widely used email programs.

We believe that every law firm should have this capability in its armoury. Satisfy data protection and GDPR requirements when sending important and sensitive information by email.

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