Data and Systems Protection for law firms

Protection for Business

Businesses, more  than ever need to ensure they’re taking all steps possible to protect their data and systems from the many threats out there. Many firms will have already taken steps to protect themselves from external threats. There are, however, gaps  – even in the most carefully thought out systems. Protection of business against malware, ransomware and hackers is key.

It’s likely your internal IT department or external IT support professionals will have made recommendations you’ve already implemented. You’ll probably have a firewall to only allow those authorised to access your network. Almost certainly, you’ll have anti-virus software installed to  protect against the usual virus risks. You may have encrypted data on your systems and, perhaps,  employ two factor authentication in certain areas.

PC Matic Pro – protection for business

As you’ll see from the video, not all malware is covered by traditional anti-virus applications.

You see, PC Matic Pro takes a different approach to protection of business. Instead of preventing “bad” applications it recognises from running, PC Matic Pro only allows “good” applications to run on your PC. If  it doesn’t recognise the application, it won’t allow it to run.

By taking a whitlist approach, PC Matic Pro prevents ramsomware and a wider range of malware from even running on  your PC.  It doesn’t have to wait for the malware to be identified before working out how to stop it running!

PC Matic Pro brings additional benefits

Not only does PC Matic Pro protect your Server and PCs from malware attacks, it also provides a wide range of performance and management benefits. Click here for a brief overview of how PC Matic Pro protects your data and  systems.

The endpoint suite brings a wide range of benefits to keep your PC or Laptop running smoothly and efficiently. This  is in  addition to all  the protection that comes  with  PC Matic Pro. Click here to view the benefits. 

Remote working and protection against Ransomware

With more and more of us working  remotely, especially at the height of the coronavirus lockdown, PC  Matic Pro will help protect your connection from  external  threats. PC  Matic Pro helps manage remote connections and will deny access to any device not authorised on your network. For instance, did you know that over 60% of Ransomware was distributed through Remote Desktop Protocol ports? You can click here to read more about how PC Matic Pro protects your remote  desktop  connections.

Here’s why we’re PC Matic Pro Resellers

We’re so confident that you’ll be impressed with PC Matic Pro that we’re prepared to offer you a 90 day no obligation trial. To access your trial,  click here to complete a simple registration form. The PC Matic Pro team will set up your trial and you’re all set.  If you’d like our help, just get in touch to let us know. The PC Matic Pro Support  Team will deal with all  your technical  needs and questions.  Full contact details are provided when you launch your trial.

If you’re interested in finding  out just how reasonably priced PC Matic Pro is, please click here and select the “Request Quote” button. Just complete a short form with your details and we’ll be in touch.

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