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Protection for Individuals

If you’re looking to protect a few PC then PC Matic is the one for you. PC Matic is a leading anti-malware application designed for protection for indivuals. Not only does it protect your PC, it also keeps it working at its maximum capability. What’s more, PC Matic gives you protection for up to 20 PCs for a very reasonable price! PC Matic offers a comprehensive scan to allow you to check out your PC and show you how PC Matic can provide security and stability and deliver propert performance. Click here to check it out.

Security, Performance and Stability all in one

Ransomware, viruses email phishing are very real threats . You need to protect your PC, applications and data from attack. Scoring high in the protection stakes, PC  Mtic does what a lot of anti-virus applications can’t do – protect you from Ransomware.  That’s in addition other viruses and online threats.

What’s  more, the inbuilt performance featured make sure your PC is optimised. PC  Matic cleans out temporary and unnecessary files, tidies up your start up applications and you can even clear out unnecessary entries in the Registry. It’ll defrag your hard disk to ensure you can access your data quickly and efficiently.

All of this means that your PC will start quickly and operate properly whilst all the tme being protection from malicious attack. This is proper protection for individuals

Protect against Ransomware

We believe it’s important to talk about how ransomeware is dangerous and can affect your PC – and your pocket! Ramsomware infects your PC and stops you from  operating it. It locks up the data on your PC by encrypting it. That means you can’t access it. You then receive a notification to pay a ransom to get the key to unlock the ransomware.

Preventing ransomware running on your PC in the first place is the best way to avoid being held to ransom!

PC Matic operates on a Whitelist basis. That means if any application isn’t on the Whitelist, it can’t run at all. So, if  it can’t run on your PC, ransomware can’t infect your PC. As a result, PC Matic protects your PC from ransomware infections. PC Matic delivers protection for individuals against ramsomware.

Boost your performance

Windows PCs build up temporary files over time. These files, as the name suggests, are only used for a short period of time. However, they’re not always removed from teh PC’s hard disk when their usefulness has ended. This means they’re left on the hard drive taking up space. Sometimes, the volume of temporary files causes the PC to run slowly. A corrupt temporary file can occasionally cause real performance issues. PC Matic removes these temporary files leaving your PC free of junk!

If your PC is slow to start up, it’s likely there are lots of applications all trying  to start at the same time. Not all of these are necessary. PC Matic will check out your start up menu and remove those applications that aren’t  required at start up. That means this will speed up the start time of your PC.

PC Matic also checks and updates many common programs on your PC. This makes sure that you have the most up to date version. This is very good for security. In addition, PC Matic checks the drivers on your PC and updates them as necessary.  Drivers are small pieces of software that control various important aspects of the hardware in your PC. PC Matic ensures you have the most up to date version available.

Download PC Matic and scan your PC today if you want to keep your PC running smoothly. You’ll be surprised at what it finds. You can download PC Matic by clicking here.

Download PC Matic today

PC Matic gives you all the protection and performance benefits from the minute you install it. Check out just how much junk is on your PC with a full scan.

Security, Stability and Performance all from a single  application. Proper protection for individuals. Check out PC Matic for all the benefits it will bring.

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