eMail Newsletters for law firms

Our eMail Newsletters for law firms service is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of keeping in touch with clients. It is also one of the best ways of promoting your services to your clients. This may seem very straight forward to do in principle but due to the the pressure of dealing with client-facing work most lawyers simply do not have enough time to devote to promoting their services to their clients.

Our eMail Newsletters for lawyers service helps you to:

  • Keep your firm’s name in your client’s mind
  • Develop client loyalty
  • Enable clients to interact easily with you
  • Ensure clients are fully aware of the wide range of services you provide
  • Help clients to establish that their needs are being met
  • Introduce clients to new legislation that might impact on them
  • Explain how and why certain areas of legislation affect clients – and what they can do about that
  • Inform clients about the latest news about the firm and any changes that will benefit them

So, how does it work?

Image of hands holding a phone showing an electronic or e- Newsletter
Harvesting the data

Your eMail Newsletters have nowhere to go without data. We conduct a data gathering exercise by collecting email data from your Practice Management systems. Once harvested, we sort your email data into first and last names and email address. That’s all the data we need to launch your campaign.

Cleaning your data

We next carry out a cleaning exercise. This serves two purposes. It enables us to remove email addresses that are no longer in existence. It also allows clients who choose not to receive your communications to opt out from the service. We then upload your subscriber list ready for your eMail Newsletter campaign.

Designing your eMail Newsletter template

The final stage in the preparation work is the design of your eMail Newsletter template. We will design your eMail Newsletter template to reflect your corporate image. We build in links to your web site to enable clients to click through your eMail Newsletter and find our more on your website.

Publishing your eMail Newsletters to clients

We’ll agree the content—and provide this for you if you need us to—and frequency of your eMail Newsletter campaigns with you. After that, we publish your eMail Newsletters to clients for you

Summary performance reports

Approximately one week after the publication of your eMail Newsletter we provide you with a Summary Report on performance. We will advise how many clients have opened your eMail Newsletter and the number of times times they’ve opened it. Also, we will look at the number times they’ve clicked a link. We will list your top 10 openers. We’ll give you access to the data to enable you to conduct your own data analysis.

It’s simple, effective and affordable

It doesn’t have to be complicated to get your message out to your clients. All you need is an email list, a layout for your eMail Newsletters for lawyers and some content to put into them.

Most lawyers are far too busy dealing with clients’ business to spend time gathering, sorting and cleaning email data. Setting up a template for your eMail Newsletters is beyond all except the most technically gifted! Most lawyers are able to write good quality content but simply don’t have the time.

We will deal with all of these and more allowing you to get on with your day to day work.

Editorial control always remains with you. We will never sell or share your data with anyone else.

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