Video and Animation for law firms

Video and animation for law firms – your virtual sales team! Videos and animations work 24/7 to get your firm and its message out both to clients and potential clients. Video for law firms helps put a “face to the name” and, by giving away tips, you (literally) show viewers why you’re so good! What’s more, videos are search engine friendly and often will come up in one of the top spots in search, helping you stand out from the competition.

Many of our clients already use videos on their Facebook pages. Admittedly, most  of those are for properties they’re selling through their estate agency. We do know their clients love watching them and they are far more effective than photographs.

So, why not create some videos about the things you do?  You can add them to your website. Why not create your own YouTube or Vimeo channel. You can also encourage your Facebook and Twitter followers to subscribe to your channel and that’ll help get your message out even quicker.

We can help you create a range of videos just like the ones you see above. You’ll then be able to use these to promote your services. You can do that on your website, social media pages and video channels.

There has never been a better time to take centre-stage!

Promotional Videos

Here are a couple of videos clients have given us. What’s to stop you getting in front of the camera and explaining your services to your clients.

In the video on the left, Leandro Franchi talks about his firm, FranchiLaw – it’s history and the range of services provided. Michael Maloco of maloco + associates, in the video on the right, explains what his firm does and how it can help its clients

Videos of the properties you’re selling

We have many clients who are active in the estate agency sector in Scotland. The use of video in residential property sales is a fairly recent innovation for Scottish Solicitor Estate Agents.

In this selection, on the left, we have a property being promoted by Boyd Legal, Edinburgh. The property on the right video is being promoted by Morgans in Dunfermline.

Both videos have been produced by and are the property of Vistabee Ltd. They are presented here with their kind permission. To learn more about Vistabee’s products and services visit their website on

Celebrate special events with video

In this section, we are pleased to present a small selection of three Christmas Videos we arranged for clients. We’ve had excellent feedback from our clients and their clients about these.

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