How do you keep in touch with your clients between transactions – or should it be do you keep in touch with clients between  transactions?

Most businesses would give their eye teeth for a solicitor’s database.  It should be simple and staight forward to communicatw with clients because lawyers hold (or should hold) a large amount of contact data.

There is no substitute for communicating with clients. Keeping in touch with your clients between transactions is key to building client loyalty and winning new business from them

When you successfully communicate with your existing clients, it allows them to interact with you.  It gives clients the opportunity to respond, speak about their experience with their friends and family and make recommendations.

Communicate to establish need

Your clients might not know they have a problem unless you tell them they have. When you communicate effectively with them, pointing out changes and issues in the law that might affect them, you’ll establish a need for your services.

If you fail to regularly communitate with clients, you run the risk of someone else communicating with them and attracting their business away from you.

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