eMail Marketing

email marketing for law firms

eMail Marketing for law firms

eMail Marketing for law firms is an extremely effective way to send important news, information, promotions and offers to clients – and to win new business. Sending information to individual clients quickly and easily using email is very straight forward – lawyers do this every day. Sending a message to many clients or putting forward a special offer or proposal is much more  challenging.

We specialise in helping law firms promote their services and communicate effectively with clients through eMail Marketing.

Our eMail Marketing service can be delivered as either a stand alone service or in conjunction with our eMail Newsletters for law firms service.  In either case, we seek to deliver effective messages and promotions for lawyers.

eMail Marketing has been much maligned in recent years due to the increase in the amount of spam people receive. However, eMail Marketing continues to be one of the most effective mediums for getting your message across to clients.

e- Promotions

Why not run a time limited promotions for those special charity events? In recent years, our clients have run Wills promotions in support of Will Aid, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Cancer Research UK and Aberlour Children’s Charity. The results have been tremendous with clients, the firms and the charities all benefiting from these promotions.

Some law firms run competitions to promote their services with a prize for the winning entry. These kinds of e- Promotions encourage clients to engage with the services the firm provides.

e- Announcements

Announce the arrival of new members of staff and promote their capabilities and qualities. Won an award? Let clients know so they can share in the celebration! Announce a change of address. Include a map showing the new location as well as any new contact details. When someone in the firm retires, let clients know that  the firm will continue to look after their business. Undergoing a merger or acquisition? Let your existing clients know you’re expanding and let the clients of the firm your merging with know all about your services.

Special Purpose communications

Send an announcement to a special category of clients where the need for speed is critical. eMail Marketing is an excellent medium to get this message out to clients quickly. It is also much cheaper than printing and posting a letter! eMail Marketing is also the ideal medium for inviting clients to any seminars the firm might be delivering.

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