Social Media Marketing for law firms

Many law firms have set up their social media pages and fill them with content. That’s excellent and we applaud firms who take the time to do this. Firms supplying  estate agency services feature the properties they’re marketing mostly on Facebook. Social Media Marketing takes the use of social  media a step further. Its focus is on  using social media to promote the firm’s services to consumers.

Image depicting Social Media Marketing
Use Social Media to target your "ideal" client

Not  all  social media platforms are the same.  You know that. What they all have in common,  however, is their insatiable appetite for new information. Decide which social media platform best suits your targeting. Most people have a range of preferred social media they use so don’t get hung up on using just one social  media platform to target your ideal client.

You need to commit to your social media pages

When you embark on social media, you need to decide to commit. If you don’t, it’ll mean your content will very quickly go stale.  Nothing  turns off social media users more than a social media page that’s months – or even years – out of date. You won’t be able to build up a following  unless you regularly post interesting content

Make sure you draw people into your website

Don’t forget to take every opportunity to draw people into your website. Use links to articles to publicise your latest website news linking people the corresponding article  on your website. When they’re there, they will likely look at other things you have there too!

Use Paid for Promotions in Social Media

Check out what it costs to promote your Social Medai post. This increases your reach and promote your business to people who need your services but with whom  you have no connection whatsoever!

Social Media Marketing helps grow your followers by using interesting and informative posts

Let’s be honest, boring posts don’t make great reading. Legal matters are generally dull so tell stories and give real-life examples of where you’ve helped people out. Prople  can relate to stories much easier than an overview of some legal  change or other that might affect them. Giving real-life examples of how the law affects people might lead others to understand how you can help them.

It’s very much horses for courses. Who do you want to reach? Why do you want to reach them? Good content and  accurate targeting will lead clients to your door. Let us help you build up your audience and grow your followers.

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