Website News for law firms

Do you ever wonder why so many law firms have a news section on their website that is so out of date it is embarrassing? Does your website fall into this category? The website news section is one of the most  important areas of your website. If it is interesting, people will read it and return to it – provided you keep adding to it. Keeping on top of it can be very difficult to fit into your day to day work routine.

Our Website News service solves this problem for our clients

Image of a man and woman looking at a laptop with the woman pointing  out website news
Website News

It is always a challenge to find suitable news items to feature on your news page. Even if you do find something suitable, you still have to edit, create the links to the original article and, finally, add it to your news page.

We take over the responsibility for your page and search for suitable items to complement the services you provide. Including news items highlighting day to day problems helps clients understand that they might have a problem that needs your help. We will include links to the original article and to other relevant materials.

The regular addition of new items to your news page with relevant content will help to improve your visibility. Moreover, it will keep visitor interest level high.


We will include a series of articles designed to highlight different aspects of the services you provide. These can be explanatory or can highlight an specific issue you wish to draw to your clients attention. You can include information on your news page that does not warrant inclusion on its own page on your website. With our eMail Newsletters for law firms service you can include links to your articles and news. You can determine which areas you wish us to cover and we will do the rest.

Links with social media

If you employ Social Media, we can insert a synopsis on your pages that links back to your news and  articles encouraging your audience to engage with you.

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