Data and Systems Protection for law firms

It’s important to realise that data systems and protection starts with the individual and on the individual’s PC. Malware can be picked up anywhere – through email, on the Internet or from a memory stick plugged into a PC. The common denominator with all  of these is the indivudal.

Cyber security experts will make some very serious recommendations that will protect your network, systems and data. They’ll recommend firewalls, encryption and two factor authentication. However, one thing cyber security experts can’t manage is the behaviour of people.

A busy individual reading their email, might not immediately realise that the most recently arrived message is a phishing email. Clicking a link in this message could cause massive problems.

Or, you’re  on the Internet and something  pops up and you click on it. You can’t remember what it is and then your PC starts behaving strangely – or stops working completely!

There are a number of hazards ranging from just causing a nuisance through to locking you out of your systems.

Introducing PC Matic for your data and systems protection

To protect both indivduals and your business, the best policy is to prevent any malware from running. Anti-virus software is excellent for protecting your systems against viruses it recognises – but what about the ones it doesn’t recognise? Then there are ransomware attacks that traditional antivirus can’t protect you from. PC Matic also deals with malicious script blocking by preventing it from running – something traditional anti-virus doesn’t pick up! 

Data protection cogs signifying data and systems protection
How does PC Matic Protect Me?

Unlike traditional anti-virus software, PC Matic operates on a whitelist basis. This means that if the application or script that wants to run on your system isn’t on  the whitelist, it can’t  run. If it can’t run it can’t cause you any trouble.

In what way is it different from traditional anti-virus?

Traditional anti-virus operates on a blacklist basis. That means the anti-virus company has to identify the malicious software and once it’s  identified, the anti-virus software will prevent it from running on your systems. PC Matic operates on a whitelist basis.  That means that if the software isn’t recognised,  it is prevented from running on your systems.

Does PC Matic only cover viruses?

No PC Matic protects your systems against malware. Viruses are only one branch of malware.PC  Matic protects you from script loggers, ransomware as well as viruses.

Is PC Matic just used for protection?

The main function of PC Matic is to protect your system from malicious harm. In addition to the preventative tools, PC Matic also provides performance improvements,  It also updated a number of commonly used applications and deals with driver updates.

There are two options to consider when it comes to using PC  Matic and it depends on your circumstances. Each of these options are equally efficient and effective. Circumstances will dictate which option you should  select.

Protection for Individuals

If you’re looking to protect a few PCs for personal or business use, then this option of PC Matic is the one for you. Click on the link below to learn more about this option and in which circumstances you would use this version,

Protection for Business

Any business that employs a server should consider using PC Matic Pro. As well as protecting your PCs, it also protects any servers you have. This version of the application has a central control panel which manages the application.

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