Data Management for law firms

Good data management is the foundation for all of your marketing campaigns. It is vital you employ sound data management processes. This ensures your promotions, email marketing campaigns and direct mail operations are properly targeted.

Get the Data Management basics right

Although it might seem obvious, it is very important to get the basics right. Recording accurate name and contact information is the most basic thing you can do. You need to decide on your data structure – how do you want to hold the data for the people and organisations you deal with.

If you deal with individuals, how do you manage married couples, pairs and single people? These days, clients tend to have more than one phone number. How do you record them all and indicate the primary number?

Contact information is essential for effective communication

Whilst recording the basic name and contact details are, pretty obviously, important, recording email addresses is critical. There is no more effective or cheaper way to communication with clients than by email. You can create valuable information by employing good data management practices.

Image of a group of marketers discussing data management

How can I create good data management habits?

When you understand how important your data is, you’ll make sure you record it properly. List all of the types of data you believe you’ll need. Think about how this data can create important information. Once that information is available, you can then make informed decisions.

Start with the end in mind. When you determine what you want to achieve, you can implement practices for everyone to follow.

What can you do with basic contact data?

You’ll be astonished at what you can do  with basic name and address information. Get your eyes opened to the range of information available through online address checking tools. They allow you to find out much more about your client demographic. They’ll also tell you if your clients still reside where you think they do!

What is data segmentation and why would I use it?

Data segmentation splits down your client base into smaller collections. For instance, you might want to market to all your clients who are over 50 years of age. Or, you might want to market your services only to homeowners. There are many combinations you can put together once you decide which services to market to which segment.

How important is good data for my business?

We cannot emphasise enough just how important good data is for your business.  If you don’t know where your existing clients are, you can’t win business from them. Good, accurate data can give you information on which to make business critical decisions and inform your marketing strategy.

Practice Management systems for law firms tend to have limited data management facilities. You must employ whatever flexibility there is in the configuration to enable you to capture and segment your data. If you do that, you can then target your communications to clients.

Let us help you start get started with your data

We work with clients to structure their data in a way to help them achieve their marketing aims. Yes, by all means communicate regularly with all your clients.  However, it can be very rewarding to target specific segments with offers of and information on specific services. We cna show you how to achieve this.

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