Do you ever check the source of business of your current workload? If you do, you’ll notice many of the cases you are dealing with come from existing clients Also, they might come from referrals from your existing clients. In fact, you’re likely to find more than 60% of your current cases come from this your existing clients. This fact alone should be enough to indicate the importance and benefits of retaining clients. Why is it then that most law firms fail to keep in touch with existing clients between transactions?

I suppose, in marketing terms, we’re all guilty of chasing the “latest shiny thing”. It might be promoting your services on LinkedIn or, perhaps, Facebook or other social medial platforms. You might invest heavily in search engine optimisation (SEO) or promote your services using Google Ads. All these options are designed to target people who have never been clients of your firm. In addition, the cost of these elements of marketing tends to be more expensive than marketing to your existing clients. That supports the adage that it is cheaper to win business from an existing client than from someone you’ve never acted for before.

Why retaining clients is very important

The main reason for retaining clients s that your existing client have purchased services from you before. They know you and have (or should have) built up trust in your advice and guidance. The relationship between client and solicitor is more comfortable than if they were to start again with a new lawyer. However, that’s no reason for you to be complacent. Simply thinking you did such a good job the last time doesn’t automatically mean that your clients will come flocking back to you!

You have to look at both sides of the argument. If you are marketing your services on LinkedIn. Facebook, Google and through SEO who is it you think you’re marketing to? Might they be clients of other law firms? Don’t you think that other law forms might be doing exactly the same as you and trying to attract your clients to them through similar marketing means?

Let’s get back to basics.

One of the key purposes of marketing activities is to win new business. Where better to start than to market to those you have previously won and earned fee income from? Yes, marketing to the world at large is important. However, creating a solid, loyal, client base is a strong foundation on which to build. Retaining clients is vitally important to your law firms so start today to look for ways to keep in touch. In fact, the benefits of retaining clients can be massive!

Keeping in touch with clients is simple using email marketing tools. Collect your clients’ email addresses. Decide what you’re going to say to them. Create an article. Merge with your list and send to clients. There are lots of email marketing tools out there that are easy to use.

Alternatively, just fill in this form and we’ll show you how we can manage this whole process for you.

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