Google is at the top of its game when it comes to marketing and branding. Not only do they have a vested interest in making sure that they market their products well, but Google understands the power of branding as a company. It’s no surprise that so many marketing plans begin with “find your target audience” and end somewhere near there. Once you have finished this article, you will have some idea of how Google can help you improve your marketing strategy.

The problem is that marketers spend too much time worrying about what their target audience wants, instead of forcing them to take notice of how valuable their product is. Think about it: outside of word-of-mouth and recommendation engines, how often do you see advertisements for brand new companies or services? Even big brands like McDonalds struggle with marketing because people don’t care what they have to offer – they know what they want from other places.

If you want more visibility for your business, here are some ways that Google can help improve your marketing strategy — even if you aren’t using them as a partner just yet.

Be Transparent with Your Audience

To be transparent with your audience, ask yourself one question: how do I solve this problem? You see, marketing can be overwhelming and tricky if you’re not sure what you’re trying to accomplish. Instead of trying to sell your clients on your services, sell them on solving their problem. Google, for example, does an excellent job of this by verbally explaining how their product can help solve the problem of finding new websites and businesses. This makes them stand out because they aren’t just trying to get you to click the “add to cart” button — they want you to understand how they can help you.

Google’s marketing is also transparent by showing off their product team members, sharing how they started their journey as a company, and encouraging you to ask them questions. This helps you understand their brand and how they operate because they aren’t trying to sell you on their product first. They’re trying to show you how their product will make your life easier.

Don’t Hide Behind Marketing Jargon

If you’re trying to build a brand, you might be tempted to use marketing jargon to try and sound smart. This is a mistake because jargon doesn’t build brand awareness — it hides your message from your audience. If your clients don’t understand your marketing plan or how your services will help them, they won’t click your advertisements and click-through rates will suffer. This is why you should never hide behind your jargon.

Google, for example, doesn’t try to impress you with their cleverness — they want you to know how and why they can help you. If you don’t understand what a click-through rate is or how to calculate it, don’t worry. You don’t need to understand all the terminology of marketing to see how things work. Just make sure that you’re making your marketing plan easy to understand. This is a good place to start when you want to improve your marketing strategy.

Google Has a Lot of Data on People and Their Behaviours

Marketing isn’t about you — it’s about your clients. You want to make sure that your marketing plan targets the right people and that you aren’t wasting your time and money trying to persuade the wrong people to engage your services. Google has a lot of data on people and their behaviours. This means that they know who is searching for what and why. At the very least, Google can help you target the right group of people to help you promote your services. You can also use this data to help you create better advertisements and research what services your clients are searching for. If you are targeting the wrong people, your advertisements and services might be poorly received.

Make Your Website Responsive to Improve your Marketing Strategy

If you’re using your website to showcase your services, it’s not enough to just have a static page. Your website needs to be responsive and scalable. You need to be able to adjust it and add new content without a lot of effort. Google is a search engine, and search engines love websites that they can easily access and navigate.

If your website takes too long to load, Google will penalize you and drop you to lower search rankings because they know that every click on their product is valuable. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend thousands of pounds to create an amazing website. You can use a static website builder such as Squarespace to create an easy-to-navigate website that can hold its own against other brands. Alternatively, you can speak to us and we’d be delighted to help you out.

Use Video to Showcase What You Do

There are many ways to showcase your services, but one of the best ways to do so is with video. Video marketing allows you to showcase what your service is, as well as how it works. You don’t need to go big with a Hollywood budget — you can start small. Even a simple review can help you get more viewers and encourage more prospective clients to engage you.

Don’t Forget About Google Search!

You already know that Google is a dominant search engine, but you might not know that you can use their search engine marketing service to get more visibility. If you want more visibility for your services, you can sign up for Google’s Ads. That allows you to create advertisements that show up at the top of Google search results and other various places on the internet. Google Ads allows you to choose how much you want to spend and the keywords you want to focus on. When someone types in their search, your advertisement will pop up. This means that you can direct your advertisements to people who are actively searching for services like yours. If you are trying to get more visibility for your services, you should definitely consider using Google Ads.

Bottom Line

Google has been around for a long time, and they know what they’re doing when it comes to marketing. They know that the most successful marketing campaigns are campaigns that are personalised for the client. These campaigns are for the clients and not about the company. This is why Google recommends that marketers understand their clients, their business and their client journey before ever creating a single marketing campaign. If you take these tips from Google and apply them to your own marketing campaign, you’ll have a much better chance of keeping your clients engaged and winning new ones.

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